I've just started to get to know this family (we go to church together), but I already love them! Elise loves to dance with Samantha and talks about her all the time, Kiley and Miles are the same age (which in 3rd grade means they won't be talking to each other), and baby Henry - Gah! Just love him. 
We had a fun time out on the farm, and the chickens wanted in on the action! :) 

Lance and Heather, you are the sweetest! Love the JOY you brought to this session!!
Thanks to my friend, Nikole, for letting us use her land. :) 

I first met this sweet family last year. Owen won me over with his smile and his wild hair. Well, look who is a big brother now! Baby sister, Eloise, arrived in a hurry- and who could blame her? She couldn't wait to be a part of this family! Thanks, Clayton and Judy, for letting me take part of these exhausting first few days. 
Welcome to the world, baby Eloise!

And Happy Mother's Day! 

I love to photograph newborns! Newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home, preferably between baby's first 5 and 14 days of life. No need to clean house or prep for me (you just had a baby!)-I'll bring everything I need, and can work in tight spaces. Contact me for more information or to book your session today!

I have known Alyssa's family for many years. They are such a generous and genuinely kind family, the kind that make you better just for knowing them. So, I jumped at the chance when they asked me to take Alyssa's senior portraits. I love how these all turned out! 

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