I love to tell the story about how Sarah and I met. I believe the first thing I said to her, after being ridiculously annoyed at my brother for leaving a stranger at my house, was, "Are you crazy?" Nonetheless, we were fast friends and I can't imagine my life without this gem in it. I cannot be happier for her and her husband, Jeff, on their baby boy, who should be arriving any day now! We had a day full of laughter and silliness despite the hundred degree weather. Oh, and then Jeff made us dinner! Nom, nom nom! :) 

I love you Sarah, and can't wait to squeeze little Levi! <3

I love getting to meet new people, and especially love seeing them in their element. Shooting in a client's home seems so much more real and personal. I got to meet this little cutie and his family last month - what a fun guy! And don't you just LOVE his hair? Reminds me of my little bug's when he was that age. 


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